viernes, 19 de febrero de 2010

Surviving with Endometriosis in the lungs

Surviving with Endometriosis in the lungs ,not a joke, endometriosis can kill, when suffering from this disease for 29 years is what I'm talking about my endometriosis was discovered in the bladder in the colon which caused some cracks in 1988 with a almost lethal bleeding but still no one knew it was endo, at 17 a cyst from my left ovary chocolate exploded my first laparotomy, leaving only a piece of the ovary, a large internal bleeding made me pay attention for the first time, had spent years coming to room emergency since my first period at thirteen by pain in that time my parents had the best recommendation that it occurred to the doctor because, according to a psychiatrist if I put the morphine and valium give me role I should not go to sleep crying in pain, to marry in 1987 could not conceive, and after five years of treatment the doctor said do a laparoscopy to see that the hormones do not work and bingo after leaving the operating room and anesthetized half still said the doctor, you know you have a little endometriosis, no I explained that was not as it was and we tried to improve or you'll have an infertility specialist course to take the second option as the former no result after the first 2 visits to the Specialized in infertility laparoscopy me propose another again and my argument was very valid to not more than 4 months had passed by but the doctor in charge, and was made between the operating room at about the 12 PM and again surprise one of the experts came out in a hurry to my husband authorized a laparotomy for what they saw in the laparoscopy was serious, my bladder was stuck on it s food in two by endometriosis that was in the intestines and throughout the interior cavity rebuilt my bladder for the first time I left wing 7pm surgery as if an animal has eaten me inside they told me we could burn it too and intestines nor allowed us are stuck in the array so I'll give Lupron for three months and see what happens wonderful I thought the miracle solution to this that nobody had yet explained to me that was perfect but I was about to disappear, and remain in menstruation and menopause and no praise at last I'll be a time without pain, lies and menstrual pain puntualità get worse on the 2 months more and I could not call the doctor who told me it was time to give normal consultation and nine weeks of pregnancy surprise my first child was on the way, fear of doctors very recent surgery where the stomach began to grow and a reconstructed bladder 35 weeks after a caesarean and more surprises second reconstruction of bladder endometriosis of stage 111 were even worse the council wants more babies and ten's now 2 months I became pregnant again the same story 35 weeks and another child another bladder recontusión and Lupron Depot, over time I keep complaining about pain, I have lupus, que bien! else but every time I complained of pain in the abdomen was gallbladder if endometriosis was in the womb and whether it was in the back was inflamed kidneys or lungs pleurisy caused by lupus and pass plus 15 years until the pulmonologist who Weekly if he was not bronchitis was a terrible pain breathing spirometry results make me very poor but I'm still in my lupus medication plaquenil, relafen, prednisone, advair respiratory therapy 6 times a day still complaining of pain and sent me to a gastroenterologist who decides remove my gallbladder, but the pain is still there and gets worse and decided to make me a CT scan bingo water at the base of my lungs so I return to the pulmonologist who not long ago by my claims lupus months later still complaining of pain when performing fatigue any activity which difficulty in breathing and sleep on 4 pillows, still the pain and now it's like acid ate my insides turn to the pulmonologist a week if one is not to start a cough that gets worse every time but I do not respond to treatment and sent me make a chest plate to believe that surprise is a new mind bronchitis pneumothorax, 20% send me to the hospital is October 2006 I do a CT scan to confirm diagnosis of chest feel my ribs sticking to my back pain and more horrible than the kidney stones or any pain that you have encountered so far and another surprise the pneumothorax is 60% I win a chest tube without anesthesia and total compassion or pain was already there 15 days and pneumothorax not take away my tube seals ami home in March and my gynecologist in the pap test is percatare I'm pregnant, I have lupus terror, including many drugs for heart arrhythmia and asthma breath I can hardly breathe for me and now I had to do it for 2 was created in August premature baby because my belly growing up pains in the chest and diaphragm were unbearable in the cesarean the physician says wow this food for endometriosis need this treatment is well ugly but I thought I exaggerated and premature ami devoted girl who also was very sensitive to birthday. So the pain grows and grows like a snowball and July 2007 can not but my pulmonologist has spent 20 years attending one o'clock CT and decides to make a plate for me is I never look under the rocks until another pneumothorax 10% 9 days in hospital medicine and oxygen are discharged me this me from the chest tube. I went one Saturday with the same pain and a doctor sent me home the following Thursday I get a plate and up and I'm afraid the phone if the physician ortho again pneumothorax and 70% chest tube another surgeon, this Once under anesthesia and at the top near the clavicle near the subclavian blood out and not sealing liquid fill three boxes they use to drain from 9 August, but my doctor insists that carries both known their colleague s to this is not normal and I was transferred to another hospital on 1 sept. I do not seal the pneumothorax is infected thoracic surgeons, pulmonologists logo every time I went to hospital I had my period so I commented to the thoracic surgeon who commands Clamper pleural drainage tube and start afixiarme: the longer and went back, I say doctor, I also have endometriosis turned pale and said come back now. If returned with another doctor and nurses for intensive and hence, I said "I'll make a toscopia tora" Most likely you put a paste to the lung, OK I like zombie state I'll put tubes to breathe as healthy If I have to open the chest I'll give you painkillers and you'll be asleep most of the time. OK! That fright would not lie if I say I felt terror, not by me; another surgery would be more, for my children and especially between a baby s room operations on 8 sept. 6 am to surgery again, surprise everyone in shock in the operating room diagram appears broken honeycomb with a gap of 4x 6 no than filling it with heart patches do not work, endometrial implants for all pairs in the right lung pleura is not biopsy can be done so damaged diaphragm is a mess the surgeon decides to staple part of my pleura in large huecotas, awake and give me the next statement you have endometriosis on my chest and right lung on the other side is not no cure and no treatment is still in the hospital another third chest tube pain for there I left the hospital on 22 sept. 2007 with the same pain as between a surprise and again LUPR menstruation. Biopsies that if you could do all positive for endometriosis. Today I continue with the same pain to make me panic a plate using anti-inflammatory Oxycontin demerol vicodin darvocet but nothing works certainly a Lupron in November which is supposed to last three months but my period every 12, 14 and 15 days the pain bueno me open the chest and lift it hurts me if I could so she decided to live with me until God decides I am not a candidate for any surgery I can not sleep I sleep sitting on my 6 pillows limited a good life but here we go.

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